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Youth Kickboxing/MMA
Our Youth Kickboxing/MMA program is designed specifically for children 6-14 and focuses on basic to advanced standup (kickboxing/boxing) and ground (Wrestling/Jiu Jitsu) technique and skiills.  Different specialties are taught on different class days.  
Striking Techniques & Combinations

Youth Kickboxing MMA

AKA's Youth Kickboxing/MMA program is a comprehensive curriculum that teaches the combined aspects of Kickboxing, Grappling and Wrestling. We focus on teaching the traditional martial art values of discipline & respect while learning applicable self defense & building self confidence. Goals are set and children progress through a leveled, structured belt system, certified by founder and Head Coach Javier Mendez.
We Offer 2 Different Program Options Depending on the Age of Your Child:
4-6 Year Old MMA Fundamentals
Kickboxing Form & Movement
Defensive Techniques
Wrestling Techniques
Jiu Jitsu Techniques
Our Fundamentals Kickboxing/MMA program is designed specifically for children in the 4-6 year old range and focuses on the basic principles of standup and ground skills.  Class consists of exercises and techniques tailored to the 4-6 year olds ability level to prepare them to advance to the Youth Kickboxing/MMA, and
Jiu Jitsu programs.

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