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"WOW! Due to my job I have traveled thru out all of California & visited as many MMA gyms as I could. All I can say is that AKA is the best MMA gym I have visited.  This is MMA HEAVEN!"

"My  daughter takes a youth class here & she absolutely love it! They have professional fighters teaching the classes which is exciting. They offer tons of classes for kids & adults."

"This place is amazing. It offers everything for your MMA needs, as well if you are just interested in losing some weight. Within 2 months of staring I have dropped 32 pounds.  AKA is not only a gym it's like a second Family."

"If there were more starts that I cuold give this place, I would add them. One week later and there is a total transformation of my daughter. She is so much more confident, she loves the work-outs, she's making friends in her class and she has fun. I'm impressed with what they've done for us and how much progress that she's made."

"Join. Simple as that. I originally joined because I wanted to lose weight and get healthy. Then the classes, instructors, and members got me full on addicted. This place delivers, quality instruction, great sense of family, and reasonable rates."

"Number 1 gym in the world, period! Great instructors and facility regardless of your level or experience. Community feel, great for families and kids. This is my 3rd year and I'm looking forward to getting my 6 year old in classes. Also really neat to see all the top UFC fighters walking there there on a daily basis!

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